Alarm System Monitoring

Would you like to have your alarm system professionally monitored 24 hours a day by the very best Central Station Monitoring Center?

Having a security system installed in a home or business is a smart decision. Home invasions and business robberies are a very real threat to most communities. Its’ more imperative than ever to protect your home and business from intruders.

Our monitoring service is contracted with Guardian Protection Central Monitoring Station.

Our Monitoring Central Station is Second to None, they have been a trusted industry Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed leading provider for more than 50 years.

Our Central Station’s highly trained staff is experienced in providing high quality rapid-response service.

Alarms systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry into a home or building.

Both Secure2ware and our monitoring service provider Guardian Protection Services have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

So you can rest easy, knowing that a team of professionals is ready to respond quickly to any emergency, day or night, whether you are home or not.
In addition to fast, accurate response, our Central Monitoring Station employs the latest in backup technology. So you can rest easy and know that they’re always ready to respond for you.

Our 24 Hour UL Listed Central Station monitoring offers you the comfort of knowing that your home or business is protected and secured at all times.

In the event that your alarm system goes off, it will transmit a signal to our 24 Hour Central Station’s main office, and an operator will respond within seconds.

Our Central Monitoring Station Operator will call the contact phone numbers that you designate and verify the alarm signal received was not a false alarm.

If no one answers, or if someone answers that doesn’t know the correct password that you have set, the Central Monitoring Station operator will dispatch your local police department to your property immediately.

You can provide the monitoring station with special instructions; for example, “after attempting the second phone number on my contact list, dispatch immediately. However, I would like for the remainder of my 3 contact phone numbers to be called until proper notification has been acknowledged”.

The sign-up process is easy, contact one of our representatives and we will process the necessary paperwork for you.
Our monitoring professionals will help you get up and running in no time, and verify that your system is sending signals properly.

Contact us now for more information or to get started with your Guardian Protection Alarm System Monitoring.

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