DVRs have become a popular and practical tool for commercial and residential users to keep surveillance video. A DVR will allow individuals to record security surveillance digitally and provide the ability to search for the recorded files by the exact date and time of an incident.

Whether you’re a looking for a basic DVR or NVR for recording your cameras video or if your requirements require a more advanced DVR or NVR with Video analytics software that will blow your socks off. secure2ware has the perfect solution for you .

Having a system that records all activities such as a security DVR can help identify burglars and vandals. DVR systems should be used as a preventive measure, and provide helpful information for investigative purposes if there’s an incident.

DVR’s can be set up to send alerts that contain video images notifying you of security threats. Many newer surveillance systems on the market today allow you to incorporate sensors that detect such things as motion, temperature variation, lighting changes, and even the presence of water. When a pre-determined event is sensed, the DVR system can be set up to automatically send an email alert directly to your mobile phone making you aware of the potential security threat. This can provide a level of confidence that can allow you to rest easy knowing you will be notified if anything is out of the ordinary in or around your home.

Due to busy work schedules many homes are left unattended during the day, which consequently, lead to a large number of home break-ins during daylight hours. For fear of being caught criminals will tend to avoid any home or business surrounded by security cameras.

A Security (NVR) or Network Video Recorder is an IP Based device that records and plays back live video streams from IP, and Megapixel IP Cameras. Network Video Recorders is a step up from Security DVRs, because it gives you the ability to remotely access your NVR security system via your LAN or over the internet.

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