S2W Camera Packages Include

S2W Camera Packages Include the following

1080p High Definition - Digital Video Recorder Select from continuous, motion activated, or scheduled recording. Watch playbacks and export videos simultaneously. Survey your property from a mobile device or any computer worldwide.

2-6 TB HDD
Click the blue link to determine the estimated amount of days of recording.

1080p High Definition Cameras
Indoor/Outdoor, Weather prof, Vandal proof, Night vision Quality Cameras.

Camera Power Terminal Provides the best power for your camera system

Siamese Power and Video wire
Secure2ware will conceal wire inside your walls and attic space so they are free from vandals and out of sight

Remote Control and Mouse
Configure your systems viewing and recording settings. Easily switch to full screen, zoom in, playback recorded video, and much more.

Professional Installation Service
  • S2W Labor:
  • will install, label and terminate video & power cables
  • will provide customer with clean termination point of presence
  • will distribute customer's video output for one location
  • will adjust cameras to customer's viewing specification
  • will provide customer with basic operational training
  • will configure system for Remote Viewing and Mobile Device Viewing
Note: Use your TV for cable Television and Viewing your Camera System. We have the ability to distribute your camera’s video output to several viewing monitors. Additional charges may apply.