Customer Camera Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. When finished, click the send button.

Are you interested in a video surveillance system for a commercial or residential location?

How would you best describe your surveillance needs?

Approximately how many surveillance cameras do you need for your system?

What best describes your location?

If Business Location, Please provide name of business entity

What is the approximate square footage of this commercial location?

When would you prefer your Surveillance System Service?

How far will your night vision camera(s) need the ability to see in the dark?

How many days of Recorded Video Data will you need?

What location will the camera(s) be placed

Are there any specific objectives for each camera? If so, please list details.

Do you have adequate attic space for a person to access?

If you are not the property owner, can you provide written Installation Approval from the property owner(s) prior to installation?

Where would you like to view your cameras?

Does your TV or Monitor have HDMI Inputs

Do you have active internet service with an open router port?

Will there be any type of trenching, tunneling, boring or aerial wiring as a part of this project

If you require internet access, can you provide a username and password for your router?

Do you have a power source available near to where your DVR will be installed?



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Street Address



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